CardPointe by CardConnect

CardConnect is a separate gateway from BluePay but owned by the same company. CardPointe is a portal that you log into to see all business functionality, has ticket system, make changes to accounts.

Card Reader for Mobile Point of Sale + App 

There is a one time fee of $25 for this and then no future charges.

Login for CardConnect/Cardpointe will be at

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Reference A1 Small Business Marketing for these Rates:

No Setup or Annual Fees

Credit Card Processing Fees:

  • Consumer Debit: 1.69%
  • Consumer Credit: 2.09%
  • Non-Qualified: 2.99% (For Corporate, Government, International & High-end Reward Cards)
  • Transaction Fee: $.20
  • NO MONTHLY MINIMUM FEE for transactions.

Monthly Fee: $15

Flat Rate Option

Credit Card Processing Fees:

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Consumer Debit: 2.8%
  • Transaction Fee: $.20

Includes Everything You Will Need, Including:

  • Merchant Account
  • Payment Gateway/Virtual Terminal
  • SmartPhone App/Swiper (1 Time Add'l $25 purchase)
  • ACH Processing (accept eChecks)
  • Customer Service
  • Statements
  • Reporting Tools
  • PCI Compliance & Certification

Compared to PayPal

PayPal's only comparable program:

  • $35/mo (33% higher)
  • .30 per transaction (50% higher)
  • 2.9% per transaction (33% higher)

About PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance is not optional.  If you are accepting credit cards you must complete your PCI compliance:

  • within 60 days of the opening of your merchant account
  • There will be an annual fee charged for PCI Compliance (currently it is $119 and it is accessed August 1)
  • If you are not PCI compliant, you will be fined $29.95 per month until you complete and pass compliance
  • Link to complete PCI compliance:

If you want to accept eChecks ...

BluePay Check Processing Fees:

  • Discount Rate: 0.00%
  • Transaction Fee: $.50

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  • Senior Account Executive
  • 484-580-2868 Direct

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