Easy Availability Calendar

Easy Availability Calendar

Important Features

  • ONLY shows availability - does NOT allow for online booking!
    • If you want online, real time booking, TAP HERE.
    • MANY property rental companies do NOT want people to be able to automatically book online
    • However, enabling customers to SEE availability is a significant help
      • Saves TONS of time for the property owner (keeps you from wasting time and having to tell people "no".
      • Adds convenience and saves time for your potential guests (they will appreciate being able to SEE availability)

  • Supports unlimited calendars
    • Enables you to show calendars for different rooms, cabins, cottages, etc. side by side
    • Guests can see they could complete their stay with you by staying in different rooms
    • Prevents you from losing bookings

  • Administration is SUPER EASY and FAST!
    • Just login, select dates and tap a button
    • Your website is automatically updated!

  • Budget Friendly
    • $250 1 Time Setup Fee
    • No monthly or annual fees for Best Way Websites Users!
      • (Other website owners pay $15/mo or $150/yr)
    • Website Integration is Free
    • Support is Free (by phone!)

Website Owners Using Our Program

Tap on any link below to visit their websites and check out their availability calendars.