Online Article Writing Tips

Many companies and small-scale business owners have been using the internet as their primary marketing tool to promote their products or services. They are aware of the huge potential of online users, making attracting more customers and clients online a priority of their business.  A good way to do this is to use online article writing!

In order for them to do so, their websites have been optimized; from their aesthetic features to their content. Business owners often hire search engine optimization (SEO) specialists to manage their websites through the use of various On-Page & Off-Page SEO techniques. With their collaboration, business websites have a better chance of ranking highly in the top search engines.

A perfect tool for every business owner, in which they can successfully market their products or services, is ‘online article writing’ or ‘blogging’. Its basic purpose is to promote a product, service or related content to people online within a specific niche. The saying “content is king” is highly-valued in the internet marketing industry, as it is a great way for business owners to promote and communicate information with the online community.

About Online Article Writing

Online article writing is an internet marketing strategy that involves writing regular articles for their readers on related subjects to there business. For example, a health website would blog about diet plans, weight loss techniques, exercise regimes, etc. as well as promoting their own online products and services.

Articles usually focus on a certain keyword or keyphrase. These words and phrases are used to help search engines identify what the article is about, which therefore helps to generate more targeted web traffic to the business website. Keywords/keyphrases should related to the subject of the article, and is usually found within the; article headline, meta description, URL, headings, etc. as well as throughout the content itself.

Important Key Tips In Online Article Writing

Like we mentioned above, “content is king.” Content is the most important aspect of online article writing, with emphasis on quantity and uniqueness. Online users want information, which is why it is important for an article to be as easy to read and informative as possible! A well written online article must have all the necessary information to help describe the product, service, tutorial, etc. Here are some important key tips for online article writing:

  1. An online article should be concise. It should state all the facts in relation to the title, and must be relevant to the nature of the business.
  2. An online article should have an established diction throughout. Diction is a literary term used to refer to the choice of words that you use. It’s also important for online article writing to contain simple and easy to understand vocabulary. Not everyone online speaks/reads English, so it is important to keep articles as easy to understand as possible!
  3. When an online article writing contains technical terms and jargon (particularly those related to law and medicine), online readers get confused. This is especially true if the content doesn’t offer any explanation to their definitions. So, if you need to include certain technical terms, it is important to have them clearly defined for the readers in as simple a way as possible.
  4. Organization is an important key when writing an online article. Creating an outline would be helpful, especially if the word count of an article ranges from 500 words or more. An article with 500 or more words can look unorganized if you don’t present your information easily. Break up your article into simple to read paragraphs, use sub-headings, bullet-points, pictures, videos, etc. Not only will people find your articles easier to read, but visitors are more likely to read well presented posts.
  5. Written content is an important aspect of any website, so it is important to make sure that your spelling and grammar is correct. First impressions last, so a newly published online article, that is flawlessly written without any grammatical or spelling mistakes, appears much more professional.
  6. Most online articles that contain information about a general product or service are usually based on other online articles that have been posted on the internet. As a rule, plagiarism is a big no-no in this venture, which is why the use of online plagiarism checkers are a writer’s best friend to make sure that the article is well written and original.